I have many passions in my life. 

Hiking. Traveling. Climbing. Breakfast. Lime. Skiing. The unknown. Wine. My cowboyhats. Bananas.

The list goes on.

But, there are two that go a little deeper. That have been with me for a very long time. Two passions that I am unable to live without.

Yoga and writing. 

I was first introduced to yoga during a visit to my grandpa’s birthplace on the west coast of Norway. My dad’s aunt, a spiritual seeker with a passion for Indian philosophy, had brought yoga back to her native island from her travels in the East. She was more than happy to share her passion to those willing to listen and I was spellbound. 

Little did  I know that her stories would have such an impact on my life.

However, it was not until my high school years that I developed a relationship with yoga. Slightly obsessed with sports, I became drawn to the physicality of Ashtanga Yoga. 

And that was my doorway into a whole new world that never stops to surprise me. 

Curious about what this world of yoga has to offer, I have tried various yoga styles over the years such as Kundalini, Iyengar and Sivananda Yoga, and feel incredibly grateful as to how this has developed my understanding of what yoga is about. 

In 2010, I completed a 200-hour teacher training through Yogaworks and started teaching at fitness centres as well as running private courses. I also cooperated with the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) teaching unemployees struggling with physical and mental health issues. Since then, I have taught yoga at Romsdal Yoga in Åndalsnes and Puro Yoga in Oslo, held several weekend intensives, and taught asylumseekers from Syria, Iran, Afghanistan and Irak.   

There’s no doubt that the biggest reward you get as a yoga teacher is to see the positive effect you have on other people’s lives. However, teaching yoga has also been an incredible tool to learn about my own relationship to yoga and how much I have yet to learn.

Given an urge to return to the traditional Ashtanga Yoga system and study it more thoroughly, I undertook an in-depth teacher training in Ashtanga with R. Alexander Medin in 2013/2014. I also spent 2 months at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in Mysore. 

I have fallen in love with this practice and feel privileged to be able to study this great system with such an inspiring teacher.

As for my writing, check out my articles under "publications." And let me know what you think!